Finding Me

Survey Results show parents feel exhausted, overwhelmed with no time for themselves

Identify the Thinking Traps keeping you frustrated, feeling like you're not coping and unappreciated

Strategies to find space in your day to regain control of time and energy



Hi, I'm Therese

As a psychologist, mindfulness coach and wellbeing strategist,  I help busy families live the life they want, to feel more connected, calm and mindful.

I created the Finding Me eBook, for time-poor parents to empower parents to fit their own oxygen mask first and look after their own wellbeing, before they look after others.

Without it,  you will suffer the consequences of the mind traps so many parents get caught up in, taking up headspace and overwhelming your emotions. This is not the parenting you signed up for!

With it, you'll be able to manage difficult moments with patience and confidence, prevent and relieve the build up of tension in your body, as well as recognise and reduce the triggers that push you over the edge.

Together, we've got this!

moment, by moment,

Therese xx

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"You have challenged our thinking on the idea of mindfulness and how to be mindful parents.  We look forward to this new knowledge within our family, as a couple and as parents"..........John and Tania

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